London model


While cleaning up the model I made some new renders.



Z-Brush tutorial videos

If anyone’s considering learning Z-Brush and looking for somewhere to start, you can’t get much better than these two training videos from 3DBuzz. Unlike a lot of video tutorials that might just have one person talking slightly nervously to themselves, these take the form of two guys having a conversation as one explains the interface to the other. The first video covers the basic interface and 2.5D drawing, while the second video gets down to the 3D sculpting.



Football + Battlestar Galactica = ?!?!

Back in the summer during World Cup fever I put together these images as a laugh. I’m not really that big on nationalism or patriotism, but I thought it’d be fun to slap some English flags on my viper models as a bit of footy-related flag-waving.The BSG font is “Gayatri”, by BigYellowBiohazard.

And finally, a render I liked, but didn’t take any further.


Re: Launching

Another self-initiated project now, for an image I’ve had in mind for a while now. The rocket is loosely based on the Apollo rocket, though it’s meant to look a little more advanced, with beefier (Soyuz-FG style) engines, while the launch platform is based on a variety of NASA hardware used for launching shuttles and rockets.


From a Plane Window

Was flicking through my holiday snaps again tonight and noticed something I hadn’t when I took this photo. Hmm.


Made in Cinema 4D with some post work in Photoshop. Just a spur of the moment thing with my still-yet-to-be-completed Viper model. I don’t think the lighting’s quite right, though I did use a bit of artistic license here and there to make it look snazzier.


Hangar Bay III


This is a quick render I made the other day for my deviantArt page. I originally just planned to have the hangar bay empty to save time, but it looked rather bare, so I composited the Viper in afterwards. Hence, the lighting might be a little off as I rendered the bay using Global Illimunation and the viper without it. Also, I completely forgot to include the cockpit I spent ages making… lol! All in all, though, it’s my best render of the models so far.

You can see the full ID image on my dA page here:



Back to the Future

A year ago I made a CG model of central London for a university project (above) and recently I was commissioned to expand it in size by about 10 times. Luckily the new area didn’t need to be quite as detailed as the original, so it took a lot less time, but it still came out pretty well.

London 3a

The model includes a few buildings that are planned for the near future, although thanks to the whole credit thing a few of them are now delayed or on the verge of being canceled. At the time of the original modeling this was reflecting London as it was expected to look in 2011. It’s hard to say how far off this vision is now.

Bit of a shame, but at least the most exciting buildings look like they’ll still be built. We’ll just have to do without the mobile phone and the boomerang, and make do with a slightly smaller cheese grater.


Anyway, the model now stretches from Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace in the west all the way over to the Excel Centre and beyond in the east.

Click images to embiggen and see how many landmarks you can pick out!😉


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