Viper update

Did a little more work on my Viper last night. Still only putting together the tail section, but I’m happy with the results so I thought I’d upload a pic.


So I put in the gridlines… I think some might be a bit too thick, but I’ll go back and change them later so they’re more consistent. I’m just glad they weren’t too fiddly to do. I expected a nightmare.

In this render I’ve also tried out a procedural texture* that I’m really pleased with. It only took about five minutes of experimentation . I’ll add a bit more “dirt” to it later and tinker with that cloud-like channel, but I love the damaged paint look.

*A procedural texture is a computer generated image created using an algorithm intended to create a realistic representation of a natural material. (wikipedia/procedural textures)

This will be useful for me as I’m hopeless at UV mapping. Fingers crossed the texture will look good when it’s used all over the completed model. 🙂



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